We produce smart home appliances that save water, energy, and money! We support children to grow up as conscious individuals for the future. We also offer a healthy shower experience to our users.

Features of Noticy Smart Home Appliances

Saving Water

Track the amount of the water you use instantly.

Energy Saver

Thanks to the visual feedback, save water, natural gas and electricity.

Save Money

Track the price of the water you use instantly. Noticy alerts you according to your goals.

IoT Technologies

Track your data on mobile and web channels. Compare your data with your historical data and other people in your neighborhood.

Educational for Kids

Thanks to the special Child Display of Noticy, raise your child as a conscious individual.

Healthy Shower

Hot water is very dangerous for your heart, skin and hair. Noticy warns you when you exceed the safe temperature range for your body.

Noticy Shower - Digital Display allows you to track the amount of water you consume, your water temperature, and the time you spend in the shower instantly. The display has a special warning system for hazardous temperature for your hair, skin, and hearth. Besides, the display has a special interface for children.


Noticy Application

All you need for controlling Noticy devices is in your pocket!

Noticy is not just about smart devices. Noticy provides a wide range of features through its mobile application and website.

Use your smartphone to download the APP from the App Store or Google Play for free, sign up, and allow getting notification. Ready?

Now you have access to a wide range of metrics such as the amount of the water and energy you consume, your water temperature, the money costs you during your consumption and your forecasts for the future. You will be able to TRACK YOUR DATA!

Here are some of the features which will be available for our users on our digital channels:

Instant Notifications

Track your water usage instantly during and after the shower through your mobile device.


Goals and Limits

Trough Noticy app and , you can set up your usage goals in terms of Liters (L) and Currency (€). Noticy alerts you when you reach these limits.


Temperature Tracking

Noticy tracks your water temperature during the shower and gives you information about the effects of this temperature through digital channels. Noticy suggests you an optimum temperature.



After using Noticy for a while, it analyzes your consumption data and gives you specific suggestions to save more money and water. Noticy can estimate your future usages thanks to its algorithm.


Benchmarking and competition

Compare your water usage data with your friends and other people in your neighborhood. Start competitions with your friends and share your success with the world on social media!


Kids Games

The Noticy app with its children-specific content and games is a complete entertainment center. Notice for your child to grow up as a conscious individual while at the same time having fun download the app!.


How Much Can I Save With Noticy ?





Water in Numbers

Amount of water we spend

Have you ever thought about how much water you use in your daily life? While washing your hands or dishes, taking a shower, and so on. Take a minute and guess how many liters you spend for 10 min. shower. 10,50,100 or 150 liters? 

On average, during a 10 min. shower, we consume 120 liters! Multiply this figure by the number of your family members, consider the water we use in the toilet, washing machine, dishwasher, and sink at the kitchen. Then multiply by the number of people in the world again - you will get shocking results!

According to The World Counts, 5 liters of drinking water is enough for an average person who lives in a moderate climate. All around the world, the freshwater we consume is around 4  trillion cubic meters annually and this number keeps growing every minute! To keep track of our water usage, you can follow the link below. 

If you think “so what? Our planet is 75% covered by water! It won’t run out”, we have to disappoint you:

97.5% of our water contains salt. We only have 2.5% of freshwater to drink. More people mean more water demand which increases the necessary time of replenishment groundwater and causes climate change and droughts. 

If we don’t change our habits of water consumption, by 2025, the United Nations estimates that 30% of the world’s population residing in 50 countries will face water shortage. As a result, we will face droughts, increased prices, and uncontrollably rising migration levels with all ensuring consequences. We’ve taken water for granted for too long. It’s time to use it smarter. 

According to Statista, in 2017 Turkey's water consumption per capita was 746.8 m³. The United States is the leader of this chart by having 1.206,8 m³ water consumption per capita. You can see the other countries on the chart. 

According to the Water Research Foundation, it is possible to divide our residential water usage.

Another comparison table we can get from the Water Research Foundation's research is the areas in which we use hot water. As you can guess, shower and faucet are leading this table. You can reach the whole report through the link.

Residential End Uses of Water Executive Report

Education for Children

Nowadays, raising a child with an environmental consciousness is not very easy. We know that the current and previous generations did not develop any conscious of the water they use in their daily life. However, we can correct this mistake for the next generations.

Our children are our future. If we don’t educate them about conscious consumption of such vital resources as water, they will have to tackle much more serious problems than we do. Help the new generation to get healthy and eco-friendly habits to save our home. Noticy is ready to take over part of this important task. Noticy helps your child to grow up as a conscious individual for the future of our world. Thanks to its special interface for children, Noticy will help you to educate your child.

Noticy Hardware

Noticy Shower and Noticy Tap are able to produce their own energy from the water flow. Thanks to their self-powered feature, our devices do not need any electrical connection.

Noticy products have an Open API to allow other developers to integrate their products or software into our products. Our products are able to connect your smart home systems.


Umut Türemen

Project Manager

Burak Engin Aşıklar

Software Developer

Shaishav Koirala

Hardware and Electronical Design

Sojan Prajapati

Industrial and Digital Design

Sasi Kumar Selvaraj

Hardware and Electronical Design


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